Entrepreneurial Lifestyle for Ayurveda Professionals

Even with a Professional Degree and Masters in their name, most of the Ayurveda Professionals fail to live a Financially independent and Professionally Significant life. They are being looked down by themselves as well as by the society for their inefficiency of practicing Ayurveda.

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Ayurveda professionals
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Years of experience in the field of
Ayurveda practice
  •  Performed more than 5000 surgeries
  • Published more than 33 scientific articles in National and International journals
  • Treated over 10,000 patients treated with Ayurvedic medicine and procedures
  • Authored 4 best selling medical books.

Sushruta Award: Best Doctor Award Winner


7 must have mindsets to be a successful Ayurvedic professional

All the successful people you know and note down the qualities or characteristic features they possess which guarantee their success. That common feature is - mindset.

Lesser known career opportunities as an Ayurvedic professional

What next???? A common rhetorical question every student is asked at least once in their lifetime. Yet when it comes to Ayurvedic students, they are overwhelmed and confused while answering it.

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Ayurpreneur Business Model

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Dr Vivekanand Kullolli

Dr. Vivekanand Mohan Kullolli, M.S(Ayurved) & LLB, is a consulting Ayurvedic Surgeon and Academician for 20 years. His clinical practices are more focused on the Medical Management of Surgical Diseases

Ayurpreneur Academy is started with my mission to help 100,000 Ayurveda Professionals to achieve Financial Abundance and entrepreneurial Life style using Ayurpreneur Business Model System and Build a community to collaborate to help each other.

Being an Ayurveda professional both into Academics and a Clinical  Ayurveda Surgeon, I understand the pain of all my junior colleagues. Even after having a professional degree, most of us fail to establish ourself as a well-paid, respected and dignified medical professional as of our contemporary medical professionals.

Ayurpreneur Academy is for all those graduates and post-graduates, that are struggling to find their professional direction and the goal towards financial abundance.

What do the students think ?

Dr. Vivek Sir, Thankful to you for every good things. Starting from ward rounds to Operation theatre rounds are best with you. Sir Practical skills you have taught us, Motivational Talks along with medical journey help me even till today. Your friendly behaviour with the your patients fastened their recovery. Thank you respected Dr Vivek sir for all your valuable efforts and motivation for our practice diaries. Regards, Dr. Nasrin Patel
I was lucky to have Dr Vivekanand Kullolli Sir as my teacher in Shalya Tantra subject in BAMS Final year in Parul institute of Ayurveda Sir is eminent teacher as well as skilled surgeon as I am confidentally saying this because I thouroghly observed the sir during my study and after completion of my study also sir always their for helping the student Here, I want to share one small incidence that Impact a lot on my career DR VIVEK sir was the first person who saw the potential in me for doing PG from Central institute when I was in internship nd that incidence gave me a lots of inspiration.