Heal Hemorrhoids Through Ayurveda

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to diseases of the Anorectal region, these sometimes lead to a lot of discomfort and pain to the person in the future. Just like any other disease, early recognition, diagnosis, and proper care will prevent the diseases from becoming worse. In this book the author has explained in detail about Arshas (Hemorrhoids), review of literature on Arshas along with practical insights about the disease from the authors own Practical experience.

Wound Care And Cure In Ayurveda

In spite of the detailed description of Vrana in the classical texts, there is difficulty in using modalities such as Shastiupakrama in the management of wounds. The book explains – different types of wounds, its causes, etiology along with research conducted to understand the uses of Koshataki Kshara in the treatment of Vrana.

Pain Care With Ayurveda

This book is focused on explaining the use of (Clerodendrum infortunatum) Bhandira in pain management especially after haemorrhoidectomy surgery. Additionally this book also explains – different haemorrhoidectomy techniques available, mechanism of Pain as per Ayurveda, details about Bhandira  plant and the details about the research conducted by using Bhandira for post operative management in haemorrhoidectomy.

Prostate Care In Ayurveda

 BPH is a common condition in older males which affects their quality of life due to increased micturition and nocturia. The book explains the anatomy and physiology of Prostate, disease review of BPH, clinical trial results and about the drug – Pashanabheda Kashaya. The book focuses on treatment of BPH using Pashanabheda Kashaya.