7 must have mindsets to be a successful Ayurvedic professional

Even though every person aspires to be successful in life, only a few of us are successful. 

Why are only a few of us successful? What do you think is the key reason behind this?

To answer this question, let us do a small activity – 

Try to observe all the successful people you know and note down the qualities or characteristic features they possess which guarantee their success. 

In this activity, one can observe that they all have one thing in common, the one thing that helps them achieve their goals, face their challenges, overcome their fears, stand out among their peers and more importantly help them lead the life they always wanted or dreamt of.

That common feature is – mindset. 

Mindset is nothing but a set of beliefs.These beliefs are the ones that shape an individual’s life. 

We all have come across the word mindset at least once in our lives, we are not new to the concepts. We understand how it works, yet the majority of us fail to reap the best results from this mindset. 

This blog post is intended to help all the Ayurvedic professionals understand the mechanism of mindset and empower them with 7 mindsets they can adopt immediately which will ensure they achieve their goals and lead a happy life.

Just like the best treatment for a diseased condition is treating it from the root cause or the beginning, addressing the mindset in the same manner can be beneficial.

During the first year of BAMS if you asked each and every student as to why they chose this course or career path. 

Majority of them will tell you that Ayurveda was not their first choice. They either joined because of familial pressure or because they did not get selected to the course of their interest.

Indicating that most of the students are skeptical about their future in Ayurveda. 

In this instance, few might argue that this disbelief will go away by the time of their course completion. 

This is not always true, because many students don’t undergo any changes with respect to their thinking or mindset. Until acknowledged properly, this skeptical mindset of a student will not change.

In the long run, this results in students choosing career paths which are less likely to help them achieve their career goals. This will result in them being unhappy in all aspects of life. 

In order to prevent this, following are the 7 mindsets an Ayurvedic Professional has to develop during the course of time to be able to lead a happy and successful life. 


1. Business Mindset – 

A business is defined as an organization engaged in commercial, industrial and professional activities. The medical field is conventionally contemplated as a service based profession. A business on the other hand as a commercial or industry oriented profession.

Throughout the course, their mindsets are shaped only towards being a service provider,  so often students fail to develop this mindset.

Having a business mindsets broadens your view, gives you an idea of how various operations collectively act to yield an end result (here the patient’s well being)


2. Entrepreneur Mindset – 

An entrepreneur in simple terms is one who endeavors innovative ideas and  takes a calculated risk with executing those ideas. With consistent efforts you will observe that these are the people who change exciting new ideologies, start a trend, solve an issue everyone thought was undoable. 

We as Ayurvedic experts limit ourselves to following the classical texts and the methodologies mentioned in them. 

Having an entrepreneurial mindset helps one to think outside the box, allowing us to solve bigger problems, and a much serve greater purpose in life 


3.  Accomplishment Mindset – 

The word accomplishment is used as a synonym for the word success sometimes. But there is a tiny difference. 

Success is incomplete because it measures only a single aspect of your life, whereas accomplishment is more a collective term. 

An accomplished person is one who is balanced in all aspects of his/her life like – health, wealth, relations, freedom and spirituality. 

So one has to thrive to attain an accomplishment mindset.


4. Researcher Mindset –

The origin of Ayurveda is still unclear, and there are various concepts of Ayurveda that are not explored. 

The results people are obtaining from the available knowledge are already life changing. In case the rest of the concepts are also explored and extensive research is conducted, it will add huge value to the society. 

We might also be able to successfully tackle various health challenges the world is facing in the present era.

With a research mindset one can understand the subject better and provide solutions.


5. Freedom Mindset –

Everyone wants to enjoy their freedom in their life. But a few of us are so caught up running for success we often sacrifice our freedom. Any success should provide you with a state of freedom, it should not limit you for being you. 

Always have a freedom mindset, do not trade your freedom for success. 


6. Millionaire Mindset –

As a doctor it is a natural instinct to be more service oriented than towards economical. 

In the present era, money acts as a medium to provide you the freedom and comforts you desire in life. Do not have a fixation in your mind that Money is evil, money is the cause of all evil. This does not mean you have to be all greedy and think only in terms of money. 

Have a positive attitude towards money and finance while providing value to society.


7. Spirituality Mindset – 

Spiritual mindset is one of the most undermined of all the mindsets. Probably due to the misconception that it is specific to a particular community. 

Spirituality is a state which helps you stay grounded and neutral at all times. 

A person can give his best when he is in a state of calmness and peacefulness. The opinion or the value provided by a spiritually unstable person tends to be biased or shabby. 


One of the greatest and most influential Physicists of all time, Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” He implied that a change in our thinking process can help us grow.

Growth is a constant we all have to aspire for in life. This growth is only possible if we choose to change our mindsets today. 

Which one of these will you start implementing in your life from today?

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