Lesser known career opportunities as an Ayurvedic professional

What next????

A common rhetorical question every student is asked at least once in their lifetime. 

Yet when it comes to Ayurvedic students, they  are overwhelmed and confused while answering it. 

The primary reason for this is that Ayurvedic students are not aware of all the different options they have after completing their studies.The society norms dictate that a doctor is confined to only a hospital or clinic, in turn forcing the students to believe the same by family, friends etc., Outcome of which students are scared to even explore for other opportunities. They have not the slightest clue about the different career paths they can choose. Even those with a fair idea, don’t know where to start from or how to plan their next step. 

In recent times, the importance of Ayurveda is being widely promoted. People around the world are adopting its concepts to improve their overall health. This means an Ayurvedic graduate can work in various sectors around the world adding value to these people by helping them achieve their goal. 

Based on one’s interest there are multiple options one can choose from to build a career around it. Following are a few opportunities for an Ayurveda professional :


a. Ayurvedic doctor – One can choose to work as an Ayurvedic doctor in various clinics or hospitals, where one can experience treating patients from different backgrounds in life. Following are a few options to work as an Ayurvedic doctor – 

  • Government hospitals and PHC (Primary Health Center)
  • Private clinics or hospitals 
  • In other countries like USA, Australia, German etc.,

b. Ayurvedic Surgeon  – After a suitable Post Graduation, one can practice the same subject and treat patients with illness which fall under your speciality. This ensures your experience in the subject and helps you become a specialist in the subject. 

  • Government hospitals and PHC (Primary Health Center)
  • Private clinics or hospitals

c. Duty doctor – Many Ayurvedic Hospitals have Inpatient services, these hospitals hire Ayurvedic Doctors especially freshers as duty doctors. You can experience how different departments work in collaboration to provide the best treatment to the patients. 

d. Running your own clinic – After completing studies, an Ayurvedic professional can always start their own clinic setup. One can only perform consultation for patient’s or can expand it to inclinic medicine counters, Lab facilities and day care facilities on a small scale.

e. Specialized clinics – One can either start or work in a specialized clinic offering a particular service or a group of services like –

  • Panchakarma
  • Wellness center
  • Kshara sutra and agnikarma
  • Yoga
  • Dietician
  • Skin care 
  • Eye specialist
  • Ear, nose and throat specialist
  • Gynecology
  • Preventive medicine
  • Marma 


a. Owning an Ayurvedic Pharmacy company – One can start manufacturing their own medicines, both classical and proprietary formulations. 

b. Cultivating and supplying the necessary raw materials to pharmaceutical companies.

c. Formulary advisor and quality assessment advisor for the private ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies – Pharmaceutical companies manufacturing classical or proprietary formulations hire Ayurvedic doctors to improve the efficacy of their product or to develop a new product. 



a. Courses –

  • Post graduation in 14 subjects
  • Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy in Ayurveda)
  • Ayurveda fellowship programs of foreign countries like UK,US, Canada, Mexico and German
  • MPH – Masters in Public Health  – one can engage in public health educator, work for Government and Non Government organizations for the successful implementation of Health programs etc., 
  • Various Universities and colleges offer additional courses which can also be pursued like 
  • Diploma courses – in panchakarma, kshara sutra, agnikarma, nadi practise, nutritionist and dietetics, cosmetology, ayurveda pharmacy etc.,
  • Certification courses – in panchakarma, Ayurved beauty care etc.,
  • M.Sc – in Ayurveda diet and nutrition, Ayurveda Manuscript, Ayur yoga Preventive Cardiology, Saundarya chikitsa, Marmalogy (Marma chikitsa) and sports medicine etc.,


b. Teaching and Administrative – 

  • After obtaining a PG degree one can opt for a teaching career in Ayurvedic Colleges
  • Work as a Reader, Professor, Assistant Professor, HOD (Head Of Department), DYMS (Deputy Medical Superintendent), MS (Medical Superintendent) etc.,  
  • AYUSH chairperson position in foreign countries as an ambassador of government of india
  • Vice chancellor for AYUSH and non-AYUSH universities
  • Directors for different councils of AYUSH department as an administrative post 
  • One can pursue MHA (Master of Health Administration) or MBA in Hospital Management and work at the administrative position to ensure the smooth running of the Ayurvedic hospitals.

4. OTHERS – 

  • Clinical researcher in CCRAS (Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Science) and other associated councils of AYUSH department – Due to various reasons there is limited research conducted with respect to Ayurvedic concepts. Working as a clinical researcher, one can help deepen the understanding of the subject – leading to better and newer ways of understanding and treating different ailments. One is also entitled to several awards and honors for exceptional work in their research.
  • Medical officer – Insurance companies hire Doctors with a good clinical knowledge to validate the medical claims they have received. One can work in a Domestic or International Claim team based on the company.
  • NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) – An Ayurvedic doctor with a certification course on NABH can work for Ayurvedic clinics or hospitals looking forward to getting a NABH accreditation.
  • Author – If one is interested in writing books and share their knowledge to the students, professional or to the common people, he/she can write books, articles etc., 

Among the list mentioned above, one can choose only or multiple options which align together and practise them collectively. 

The expertise and knowledge of Ayurvedic professionals are required and in demand in numerous sectors. Do  not limit yourself to only a clinic or a hospital, explore these different options – you will be surprised to learn about ways you can apply your knowledge and be of service to society.

Let me know which one you found interesting and want to choose.

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